Encoders and Decoders

Base 64 Encoder and Decoder

Base64 encoding is typically used when binary content like image files are to be stored and transferred over media that handles textual content. Checkout the Base64 Encoder and Base64 Decoder to encode and decode Base64 content.

URL Encoder and Decoder

RFC 1738 specifies the syntax and semantics of Uniform Resource Locators (URL) for location and access of resources via the Internet. URL Encoding replaces unsafe characters with a % followed by hexadecimal digits. Check out the online URL encoder and decoder.


XML Validator

XSD (XML Schema Definition) represent the content model or grammar of an XML document. XML schema defines the elements that form an XML document. Validation is the process of verifying if the XML document complies to the defined schema definition Checkout the XML Validator to validate XML against XSD.

XPath Tester

XPath is a language for defining parts of an XML document. XPath gets its name from its use of a path notation as in URLs for navigating through the hierarchical structure of an XML document. Checkout the XPath Tester to extract parts of XML document.

String Escapers

HTML Escape

HTML has markup significant characters and several character entity references including internationalization characters, symbols, mathematical symbols, Greek letters and ISO 8859-1 characters. These character entity references need to be escaped so that markup gets interpreted correctly. Checkout HTML Escape to escape and unescape HTML file.

XML Escape

XML specification defines five predefined entities/ special characters that needs to escaped to interpret XML correctly in markup. Checkout XML Escape to escape and unescape XML file.


XSL Transformer

XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a language for transforming XML documents into HTML, XML, or other types of documents. Formatting rules to transform the input XML data is specified in a XML stylesheet (XSL). Inside the XSL typically XML Path language (XPath) is used to identify different parts of the XML document. Checkout the XSL Transformer to transform XML file.

Epoch Timestamp

Epoch time/ Unix time/ POSIX time is used to define time as the number of seconds expired since Janurary 1st, 1970. Checkout Epoch Timestamp to get current Epoch timestamp and to convert to and from human readable date.


Chart Creator

Chart creator is a simple online tool to create Pie charts, Line Charts, Bar Charts etc. Checkout Chart Creator to create online charts.

HTML Table Generator

HTML Table Generator is a simple online tool to create HTML table markup. Allows user to enter table data in a simple grid and specify the most common table properties. Checkout HTML Table Generator to create html tables quick and easy.