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CBC News, The Globe & Mail , CBC News and the CBC are teaming up for a new podcast that will showcase the most innovative content from CBC, the CBC News Network and the Globe and Montreal.The new show will be hosted by Tom Loeffler and feature a panel of CBC News contributors, including CBC


How to encode images with PHP

article PHP is a programming language and one of the most popular programming languages for image processing.PHP has a great and easy-to-use image processing environment, but as you may already know, it does not have support for embedding images directly into PHP pages.That’s where PHP’s ImageNet comes in.ImageNet is a PHP extension that can be


When is a tweet a quote? —

A few of the headlines you’ll see below have been written about the new Trump administration’s Twitter policies.But you might not have seen them before.And that’s a shame.We’ve written a few articles about the tweets that were deleted from Twitter before.But these tweets were a little bit different.These weren’t “tweets” — they were quotes.You can


The first step for making your own synonyms

By Steve Huffman / June 29, 2017 11:28:07 / The Associated PressLame, obsolete, outdated, and even a bit odd: These are some of the most common synonyms of a phrase in modern English.In a language that’s almost a million years old, they’re the ones that have stuck.It’s a common thing to say in a conversation


How to set up the jwt token in your website

The jwt web token is a set of standard web services and features that can be used to securely transfer data from a user’s browser to a server.It’s a simple, transparent protocol for the transfer of data from the browser to the server, and it’s designed to work seamlessly with all browsers, including those with