How to add HD subtitles in your app

An app can use an HD subtitle encoder to encode a single sentence in HD video.But the process is complicated and requires a lot of code, which can slow down your app’s performance.Read more about encoding and decoding HD videos here.Read moreThe encoder uses an algorithm called HDCP, which requires software to decode audio from


Which encoding is the most accurate?

It’s important to understand how encoding works, especially if you want to encode text or videos in other applications.That’s because encoding is key to what the encoder does to deliver a signal to the device, and to ensure the integrity of your audio or video.In a nutshell, if you use one encoding, then you have


How to make your own video encoding app

The process of encoding a video file has become one of the fastest ways for web users to enjoy their video files.But while the ability to store and stream video has increased significantly over the past decade, there’s still no standard way to make a video app that’s as powerful as the one we’re familiar


What is a self referent?

Google’s self referend encoding has been in use for many years and is the most widely used encoding.Its use has been extended by other codecs such as the AAC-LC codec.It also has an open source implementation, called CURVE, which has been developed to improve its encoding quality.This article looks at the difference between self referencet


Which encode programs can encode talkers?

Base64 encode programs are a popular way to encode audio files.They are built into the browser and can be used for video encoding and decoding.They’re available for free, though, and can also be purchased with ads.They come in several popular flavors: the popular Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera encoder, as well as a few others.Here’s