Video games and the future of video games

By Chris Kohler/Digital Trends Editor October 25, 2019 09:05:07With more than 50 million active users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, video game development is a huge part of what keeps us all playing games.This year marks the release of the first major update to the popular online game Rocket League, and the industry has


How to decode your butt emoji in ChromeOS

Google announced today a new feature for the Chrome OS browser that will let users take advantage of the OS’s new emoji system, but it also announced a couple of new caveats.The first is that the new emoji support won’t be fully available until early 2018.It will only be available if you download an app

String escape

What are the benefits of incremental encoding?

If you’ve ever wanted to understand why incremental encoding is important, the following article should help.In incremental encoding, a byte stream is encoded as an octet, and the encoder reads the octet from the source byte stream and then applies a decoder to the source bytes.For example, if you’re streaming a video, you might want