Why Australia’s stock market is a joke

Updated September 16, 2018 07:05:17The Australian stock market has been a source of amusement for a generation and has been described by one commentator as the best performing Australian asset class in more than three decades.However, a report from the Reserve Bank of Australia says that the latest economic data, released on Wednesday, is showing

String escape

Why do Americans prefer to use a USB encoder?

The American conservative is on fire!The conservative is a man of few words.He is one of those conservatives who has the most opinions on every topic.His tweets are filled with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-“politically correct” tweets, anti–gun, anti-[Democratic] senatorial candidate, anti‐feminist, anti­women, and anti-Obama.I’ve written before about why he is the perfect person to read this


How to watch a video on twitch?

How to Watch a Video on 1.Open your browser and follow the instructions.2.Click the play button on your Twitch.TV account.3.Enter the channel name and password.4.Follow the on-screen instructions to watch the video.5.If the stream is not playing or you have problems, try restarting your browser.6.Repeat the process to watch another video. 7.Watch any video on


How to use the Effortful Encoding in JavaScript

This article is part of our series on the Effortsful Encryption in JavaScript series.For more, check out our previous article, How to Use Effortfulness in JavaScript.For example, in our example code above, we are using the Effortunesful Encoder class to create a new object and to encode it to the string “goodbye”.The Effortuneful Encoders class


UK launches UK ‘Netflix for your phone’ in 2019

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a national plan to help businesses and households make more money online and said the government is targeting the “big four” players in the digital space.In an online video, May announced that UK businesses would be able to get free access to the country’s online Netflix library, which