How to encode data for a website

By using a Javascript-based decoder, the site can be served in a more understandable manner, and also reduce the time required to load.This is a big step towards making sure websites are accessible to everyone.It’s something many people want to do, but until now it’s been a tricky task.The problem is that a website is


How do I use Bitcoin?

Here’s how to use Bitcoin for your business.How do I get my business’s name?1.Use the Bitcoin address associated with your business in the Bitcoin wallet on your computer2.Copy the address to the clipboard3.Open the Bitcoin client on your mobile device (iPhone or iPad)4.Type in the address and press the button5.Enter the Bitcoin amount to transfer


The Latest on Trump’s Muslim ban

A new law passed by Congress this week will prohibit refugees and people from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.A.Under the new legislation, any refugee who arrives in the U, even temporarily, will face the possibility of deportation.The executive order signed Friday bars entry to anyone who has a credible fear of persecution

String escape

The Globe and Mail

CBC News, The Globe & Mail , CBC News and the CBC are teaming up for a new podcast that will showcase the most innovative content from CBC, the CBC News Network and the Globe and Montreal.The new show will be hosted by Tom Loeffler and feature a panel of CBC News contributors, including CBC


How to encode images with PHP

article PHP is a programming language and one of the most popular programming languages for image processing.PHP has a great and easy-to-use image processing environment, but as you may already know, it does not have support for embedding images directly into PHP pages.That’s where PHP’s ImageNet comes in.ImageNet is a PHP extension that can be