How to use the rotary Encoder pinouts

The first few steps of using a rotary-encoder pin-out are a bit of a pain.You have to figure out how to get the pinout for the pin-outs you want to use, which is tricky if you’re trying to use an analog encoder.Luckily, there’s a simple way to figure it out.The Rotary Encoders Pinout Library provides


How Base64 Encoding Works

Encode a string, convert it to a base64 string, then convert the base64 into an object, and you have a JSON object.This means you can embed an object in your data, but not necessarily your data.Base64 can also be encoded into XML, and in fact, JSON has a very similar format to Base64, but the


How to download x264 encoders

This post is part of our ongoing series on how to get the best quality from the most popular streaming media.In this series, we will discuss how to use your media player to convert your video, audio, or other video to a high-quality video stream.If you’re interested in more detailed tutorials on this topic, be


How to make your own magnetic encoder

This article is a guide to make a simple magnetic encoders using the Qam encoder modulator. It’s the kind of thing you might have seen on a computer screen or in a game or some other computer simulation. You can make the encoder using a few components, but if you can get the right parts, the process


Why is it so hard to learn to read Chinese?

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