A video streaming encoding tool lets you stream content online without any internet connection


Posted by NBC News on Friday, June 10, 2020 07:08:08A video streaming encoder lets you play, pause, rewind and resume your favorite online video stream.

The software, named ‘Streamify,’ was developed by Microsoft’s Azure Video Services team, which is working on Azure Stream, a new cloud-based video streaming platform.

“Streamify has been built to allow you to stream video, music, and other content from your favorite websites without having to go through the usual steps for the traditional cloud streaming method,” the developers wrote in the announcement post.

The tool allows you to choose the audio stream, and then stream it to an online video player.

“If you want to pause, replay or rewind a video, you simply tap the playback pause icon and you’ll see your video in the pause menu,” the description on the video streaming app’s page reads.

“If you’re a musician, stream the music you’ve been playing all night or just want to save your favorite tracks for later.”

Microsoft said the Streamify software uses a variety of hardware and software components to create the video stream that’s shown on the Microsoft website.

“This is an all-in-one solution that allows you with no internet connection to stream videos from your web browser and other online sources,” the team wrote.

“The software will work with Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Mac OS X, with a few exceptions such as Windows Media Player.”

Microsoft has a suite of video streaming apps available for the Windows 10 operating system, including Xbox Live, Xbox Video, Xbox One, Xbox Music, Xbox Play Anywhere and a number of video-sending applications.

The Streamify team said the software is a cross-platform, cross-device tool that works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

“With the introduction of the new Microsoft Azure Video services cloud, this will allow for seamless integration with other cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure,” the video-streaming software developers wrote.

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