Axios, The ‘Open’ Encoder Is Getting an Encoder Upgrade, A Look at the Future of the Language for Big Data


Axios / The Associated Press ( Axios ) — In its latest quarterly earnings call, the software maker that helped propel Amazon to $100 billion in revenue and become the world’s most valuable company announced it has signed a deal with Microsoft to make its next version of its “Open” encoding algorithm open source.

Axios chief executive Brian Cole said in the call that the software company will now open source its “Encoder” algorithm to developers, which he said will be a big step forward for the company’s business.

Cole also announced that the company will begin a partnership with Google to build a “next generation encoding system” that will enable it to deliver next-generation video, audio and other applications.

“We will be developing and deploying this new encoding system as soon as possible,” Cole said.

Cole said the new “Encoding” algorithm will be built using a new programming language called “Python 3.6,” a version that Microsoft introduced earlier this year.

Cole told reporters that the new encoding “will enable us to deliver a lot more power to our customers, and will also make it easier for them to get to the data they need from a variety of sources,” including Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft is developing its own encoding algorithm, known as OpenCL, and has been using OpenCL as a base for its Visual Studio Code and other open-source code.

Cole added that the OpenCL encoding “is a lot faster than the current version of the ‘Encoding’ algorithm” and is designed to “enhance performance for our customers and enable the development of next-gen applications and content.”

The announcement comes after Microsoft announced in May that it would be upgrading its OpenCL code to the new language.

Microsoft said it would open source the “Open encoder” programming language for the first time in 2016, with the goal of “making it a universal language for programming.”

The move to open source opens up the “encoder” encoding language, which is designed for the use of open hardware, to developers.

The software company previously released an open source version of it called “Windows Encoder,” and that version was discontinued in 2018.

Cole declined to comment on Microsoft’s move to release a new encoding language.

But he said the company “is committed to bringing more developers and users to its new Open encoding language and will continue to work closely with our partners on this.”

Cole also noted that the next version will support Microsoft’s new “Cloud and IoT” platform, which will include cloud storage, voice and data analytics.

The company has been working with Microsoft on that platform, and Cole said Microsoft is committed to making it open source and that the “Encoded” encoding engine is now “on the roadmap for adoption.”

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