Encoding the world’s first TV series to be made with base64


Encoding TV series is becoming a reality.

BBC News reports that the UK’s Encoded TV initiative has launched a crowdfunding campaign to get its base64-encoded series made.

The initiative is targeting a crowdfunding goal of £5,000 ($6,500) with the goal of making each episode available for download and watching on Apple TV.

Encoding is already available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, as well as on the Google Chromecast.

It’s hoped the initiative will expand to other formats in the future.

Encoding is an open-source project, meaning anyone can create and use their own encodings for TV series and movies.

It works like this: a script or program needs to be encoded into base64, then a base64 encoded file can be sent to a recipient.

The recipient can then use that encoded file to encode a video file, video file that can then be played on their TV or streaming device.

There are currently no native apps that support encoding, but there’s a mobile app for Android that’s currently available.

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