How to create your own rotary keyboard


The idea behind the rotary decoder keyboard is to make the keyboard more usable and easier to use, but it requires a bit of creativity.

The keyboard has four keys that can be used for navigating through different sections of a webpage, or typing commands.

The keyboard comes with two different layouts: one that makes it easy to type text, and another that can make the keypad more convenient.

According to the keyboard’s official website, the rotaries on the keyboard make it “easier to move around the page,” since you have more room to type, and also allows you to type in longer sentences.

You can change the key layout at any time by pressing the backspace key on the top row of keys, and the back key on each of the two sides.

Here’s how to set the rotars on the rotar keyboard.1.

Connect the keyboard to your computer via USB.


Plug in your computer’s USB port, which is marked by a small black dot.


Plug the keyboard into your computer and connect the keyboard with the USB cable to your PC via the included cable.4.

Press the back and forth keys on the bottom of the keyboard, respectively, to switch the keyboard layout between the two layouts.


Now you can use the rotaria on your computer to navigate your webpages, like this one.

percent encoding rotary encoder keyboard

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