How to get rid of the annoying magnets in your computer


In a recent article, we mentioned a recent study showing that magnets are more prevalent in laptops than desktops.

But that was only because laptops use magnetic sensors that can detect magnetic fields, which can also attract other objects in your room.

However, you can get rid and have your laptop magnets disappear, too.

That’s because a computer has a special magnetometer chip that can read magnetic fields.

This chip can detect both positive and negative magnetic fields in the same direction.

When you turn on the computer’s display, it’ll switch to the positive or negative mode and your computer will change the direction of the magnetic fields it detects.

However if you have a magnetometer sensor on your computer, you’ll notice that the magnetometer chips that are built into laptops don’t have a special chip that detects magnetic fields but instead are designed to read the electrical signals generated by magnets on the motherboard.

This is why laptop magnets are usually located in the left or right side of the display.

If you don’t know which side of your laptop you have, it’s very easy to see which side is magnetized by a magnetic field.

In the screenshot above, the left side of my laptop is magnetified, but the right side is not.

You can also check your laptop magnetometer if you go to Settings > System > General and then click on “View magnetometer data.”

You’ll see a list of magnetic readings from the laptop’s motherboard, which is how you can tell if your laptop has magnets.

To check if your computer has magnets, first locate your laptop’s magnetometer.

This can be done by opening the menu on your desktop computer and clicking on “Help.”

On the menu, click on the “Magnetometer” tab and then “View Magnetometer data” to see the information from your laptop.

To change the location of the magnetometers, click the “Change location” button in the menu.

The computer should now display a new screen that shows a list with the new location of your magnetometer and its current location.

To remove the magnet sensor, just remove the magnetic sensor.

To learn more about magnets and how to get them off your computer in Windows 10, check out this article on How to remove the magnets in Windows.

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