How to make your own video encoding app


The process of encoding a video file has become one of the fastest ways for web users to enjoy their video files.

But while the ability to store and stream video has increased significantly over the past decade, there’s still no standard way to make a video app that’s as powerful as the one we’re familiar with today.

Now, one startup is promising a simple, straightforward solution for this problem.

AlignAudio is an audio app that allows users to directly stream audio files over the Internet to their devices.

AlignedAudio can encode audio files up to 1080p, while the video stream can be up to 60 fps.

This allows users with little or no video experience to stream audio from their phones to their computers.

AlignedAudio is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux, but it plans to expand to Android and iOS devices in the near future.

“We’re trying to be a little more accessible,” co-founder and CEO Ben Felt said in a video.

“It’s a great experience for video creators, it’s a really great experience if you’re a video game developer, it really is for a lot of people.”

Alignedaudio has built a video streamer for Android that can encode video to 720p at 30 fps and up to 30 fps at 60 fps, as well as a version for iOS that supports 720p.

The company has also built an app for iOS called Aligned Video that lets users convert audio files to videos.

“We’re really trying to get it to the point where we can support both video and audio,” Felt added.

AlignAudio’s website also offers a tutorial for developers who want to get up and running with their own app.

Users can choose from several different codecs, like HEVC, HEVC2, MPEG-4, MPEG4-1 and MP4.

The team has also developed an iOS app called AudioAlign that allows you to create your own audio apps that will play audio from your iPhone or iPad and output it directly to your PC.

The startup says it has already raised $5 million from the likes of venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital and Sequoia Capital.

Its $10 million seed round was backed by venture capital firm Sequoias Ventures.

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