How to stream video over the church streaming network to an iPad or other device using a USB-C cable?


The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is hosting a stream of its most popular shows and documentaries on an iPad and a USB cable to the Church’s streaming site,, to help support the Church of God in Christ.

The streaming service will also offer the stream to anyone who logs into using their church-issued credentials.

The stream is being run using the Apple TV’s built-in streaming technology, and users can download a free app from the Apple Store.

The service will be available to stream to an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

It will be possible to also stream the service on other Apple devices, such as a Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as a Roku player.

The Church of The Flying Spicy Spaghetti Monsters is the second streaming service for the group.

In 2016, the group announced it was using the company’s church-approved streaming platform,

It launched a stream on its own, church-owned network,, in January.

In December, the Church announced that it would no longer be streaming its own content.

Instead, the streaming service would focus on using its own platform to distribute church-produced content.

The new service, called churchstream, will now be owned by a new organization called The Washington Times.

The new organization, which has already been listed on the Church Streams website, is named The Washington Tribune Media Group, which will be led by the paper’s publisher, The Washington Observer.

The Washington Times announced last week that it was moving its headquarters from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., to take on a greater role in the publication.

The paper said that it will continue to distribute content from its Baltimore and Washington publishing offices, as long as it is not directly owned by the church.

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