How to use a special encoder to encode an app using the Microsoft Edge browser extension


By default, the Microsoft Web Encoder extension (available as a Windows 10 app and on the Xbox dashboard) will encode the video source in the browser using the native encoding method of the platform.

Unfortunately, the encode will not always work on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems.

We’ll show you how to encode a video in Chrome using the Chrome Web Store’s video encoder.

Chrome’s video encoding process requires an encoding process to be performed on your computer.

The encode process is very similar to how you would encode a movie using your video editing software.

You will need to create a video file in a folder on your hard drive.

To begin, open Chrome’s Video Encoder window by clicking on the Video Encoding icon at the top of the main menu bar.

The Video Encoders window opens by default.

You’ll see a few tabs with video encoders.

On the left side of the window, you’ll see an icon with a title and a description.

Click on this icon to view the encoding process.

The video encoding process will ask you a few questions.

You can click on the answer to continue the process.

After the encoding is complete, the video will be encoded into the browser’s encoding format.

To save your encode, you will need a browser extension that can encode video.

This extension is included in the Microsoft Internet Explorer extension and can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Download Center.

To learn more about the Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone Video Encoded Apps, read our article How to install and use the Microsoft Video Encored Apps Chrome Web Extension.

To use the encode process on Windows 10 or Chrome on Windows 8.1, you need to install the Microsoft video encored apps.

The Microsoft Video Codec Extensions for Windows 10 and Chrome on Microsoft Windows 10 are available for download.

Chrome extensions and videos are installed as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

You must be running Windows 10 to use the video encoded apps.

To install these extensions, follow these steps: Open the browser and navigate to the Extensions page.

Click the Install button.

After clicking the Install, click on Next.

At the next screen, choose the Windows Update for Windows, and then click on Install.

When the installation process is complete and the browser window opens, you should see the Microsoft encoding process dialog box.

You now have a Microsoft encoding dialog box for encoding a video.

To open the encoding dialog, click the Video encoding icon at top right of the Microsoft encoder window.

A dialog box will open.

Type the encoded video name and description into the Encoding Name field.

Then click Next.

The encoding process will prompt you to select a file name.

Select the video file you want to encode and click the Next button.

You should see an Encoding Process Summary window appear.

Click OK.

The encoded video will open in the video preview tab.

Click Next.

In the Encoded Video Overview window, select the encode tab.

In this window, click Continue.

At this point, you have two choices.

If you are using a native video encorement, you can choose the Video Codec extension from the Extensions menu.

If your encoding process is using a custom video encoding, you must click the Create Custom Video Codec button.

To create a custom encoding, open the Video Decoder Extension for Windows and Chrome by clicking the Video Decoder icon at bottom of the video decoder window in the Chrome web browser.

The Create Custom Decoder window opens.

Choose a video source and type the name and location of the file you created in the Encodename field.

Click Finish.

You’re done.

If the encode is complete but the video does not play, you might need to restart your computer to get the video encoding working again.

If this happens, follow the steps to fix the problem.

To restart your machine, open your browser and go to the Downloads section.

Browse to the file in the Downloads folder.

Click Restart Now button.

When your computer restarts, the Windows video encoding will be enabled.

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