“It’s going to be fun to see what happens with this” on health care: Trump tweet


President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning fired back at the media and Democrats in an emotional tweet, saying “it’s going the other way.”

“The media is trying to tell you the truth and the truth is the truth,” Trump tweeted.

“And so is the Democrat Party, which is not only a party of liars but is the party of frauds, of fraudsters.

They’re the party that gave the President (Bill) Clinton a $50 billion tax cut, the Dems gave him a $700 billion tax break.

And they gave him the healthcare bill which will be even more devastating to the very people that I’m trying to help.”

The President also called Democrats “frauds” and said that Democrats “cannot say they didn’t know Obamacare was a disaster.”

He added that the Democrats have no respect for their country and “never thought the Democrats would do this.”

The tweets come after several days of escalating rhetoric between the White House and congressional Democrats, as both sides prepare to hold a joint news conference in the Capitol.

The White House has been threatening to withhold millions of dollars in federal funding from the Department of Health and Human Services over the law.

Senate Democrats have said they are working to prevent that from happening.

Democrats are pushing back against the President, calling him “the most irresponsible president in the history of our country” and calling him a “cancer on our democracy.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was “appalled” by Trump’s latest tweet, but added that he “hoped he would use the situation to explain his actions in a way that would be helpful to all of us.”

House Democrats on Tuesday announced they would hold a press conference later on Tuesday, though their plans to hold it have yet to be announced.

They plan to hold their own news conference, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, where they will call for an end to the healthcare law and for the repeal of the president’s executive actions on immigration.

Trump, on Tuesday afternoon, said he had been informed of the plan by Sen. Dianne Feinstein Dianne Emiel FeinsteinFeinstein calls on Senate to probe Trump, Russia probe in special report Feinstein to Trump: ‘Go to hell’ Feinstein: ‘You’re destroying this country’ Feinstein’s top aide to be deputy White House counsel MORE (D-Calif.).

He added: “I have been told the Senate will hold a news conference at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, I will be at the White Senate building, I’ll be at my golf club in Bedminster.

And I hope that’s OK.”

The Senate Democratic Leader is also calling for a special committee to investigate the healthcare laws and Trump.

“We need to get it done and I don’t think we can do that without a special investigation,” Schumer said.

“If I can help it, it will be done.”

The Democrats are also asking for the public to call their offices, email their members of Congress, and visit their website at thee.senate.gov.

Trump has said repeatedly that he wants Congress to pass a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

“There will be a special Congress and I will have the votes for that,” Trump said on Tuesday.

“That will be the way it is done.”

A White House official on Tuesday said the president does not believe that Congress can pass a healthcare bill without Democratic support.

“The president is confident that the American people will see through the political smokescreen put forth by the Democrats,” the official said.

Democrats have not said they plan to use the news conference to push for the full repeal of ObamaCare, instead calling on the President to repeal the executive orders on immigration and healthcare.

Trump’s tweets come as Republicans are trying to pass their own healthcare bill.

A group of House Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan Paul Davis RyanDems push back on using federal funds to help pay for birth control Trump orders new investigation into Ivanka Trump’s business ties House GOP leaders to introduce legislation to delay Kavanaugh confirmation MORE (R-Wis.), have been working to craft a bill that they say would pass the House and pass the Senate.

Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellMcConnell says he’s ‘trying to find a way to do everything’ in Obamacare vote: Report How will McConnell score the bill?

Republicans hold up House repeal bill to get 60 votes MORE (Ky.) are expected to introduce a bill on Wednesday that would repeal the Affordable Health Care Act’s individual mandate and subsidies for coverage, as well as the employer mandate for employers who offer health insurance.

Trump on Monday urged Republicans to “get back to work” and pass their healthcare legislation.

“I want you to get back to the work and get it passed,” Trump told reporters.

“Let’s get it on.”

The White Senate released a statement on Monday evening that said Trump was “confident” in the legislation, which it described as “a bipartisan healthcare plan

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