‘No, no, not a single one’: Parents’ fury after they’re forced to vaccinate their kids


Parents of kids in NSW are facing backlash after being forced to sign an order that would vaccinate all their kids for at least six months.

Read more Parents have spoken out after a letter was sent to parents saying they must vaccinate for a number of reasons including public health, public health concerns, and the threat of a pandemic.

More than half the parents said they had signed the order because it had been sent to them.

It’s not the first time parents have been put in a bind by their children’s vaccination.

In February, parents were put in an uncomfortable position after a NSW Health Department spokesman told parents to vaccine their kids but did not specify the reasons.

“It says vaccination of a particular age group is a matter for the health service,” a spokesperson for NSW Health said.

This letter was a very clear and direct order for parents to sign to be eligible to have their children vaccinated.

If your child has a medical condition, if you don’t have the time to vaccate, then you need to be doing something about it.” “

If you are not vaccinating your children you are doing something wrong,” she said.

“If your child has a medical condition, if you don’t have the time to vaccate, then you need to be doing something about it.”

‘I want them to know there is a vaccine out there’ In the letter, the spokesperson said parents were advised that their children would not need to vaccide unless they were prescribed a prescription.

The spokesperson also said parents who were not vaccinated were not entitled to their child’s vaccination certificates and were responsible for any additional costs.

One parent said the vaccination was only given to children aged between six months and 12 years old.

However, this parent, who asked not to be named, said she had a six-year-old son and was told she could not vaccinate him.

She said she wanted to vaccination because it was a way to get her son into school.

My son is very intelligent, but I just don’t know if I want him to be vaccinated or not.

Dr Gedds said the parents had been informed the vaccines could only be given to young children.

“[The spokesperson] said that was a situation where they were only required to vaccinate children in a certain age group, which would be six to 12,” she told 7.30.

‘It was an unnecessary scare’ Dr Lisa Guddes is concerned the parents were told their children were not eligible to receive the vaccination certificates.

I don’t want to do anything that might encourage the child to get sick and that is why I feel that it was an unnecessarily scare,” she explained.

Parents said they were told the certificates would be given in December but it was too late.

They said they felt like their children had been told to vaccinating for too long.

While Dr Gudds was sympathetic to the concerns parents have, she said they needed to be reassured that the certificates were valid and they were not being forced into vaccination.”

They need to know that they’re entitled to them,” she concluded.

Ms Gedda said there was a lack of transparency in the decision to issue the vaccination order.

No vaccine certificate will be issued until December 31.

Nationally, the Australian Vaccine Advisory Committee says up to 25 per cent of children aged under six years do not receive a vaccination certificate.

Health officials say that’s due to a variety of reasons, including people not being vaccinated, lack of resources and lack of parental consent.

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