Obama signs bill into law that gives the U.S. National Guard the authority to seize property of Americans suspected of terrorism


President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed a bill that gives authorities the power to seize assets of Americans who are suspected of being connected to a terror group.

The legislation, which was signed into law by Obama, also provides new protections for civil liberties.

The White House said in a statement that the bill is a first step toward addressing the threat of terrorism and will help protect the U,S.

from potential future attacks.

It was signed by the president on the steps of the White House, where he signed two bills and the other by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

It also gives the White and Homeland Security Departments more authority to conduct joint investigations into potential terrorist threats and the use of social media, the statement said.

The bill is similar to one Obama signed last year, which included provisions to allow the government to seize the assets of people who are believed to be involved in or supporting terrorists.

The bills, the White Trump, Obama and Ban said, also give law enforcement the authority “to seize any property, tangible or intangible, that they believe is used in any act of terrorism.”

It gives law enforcement greater authority to arrest, search and seize property if the property was used in a terrorist act.

The U.K. and Israel are among the countries that have already passed legislation similar to the U-N.


The Israeli parliament approved the bill last month.

Israel’s parliament is also considering a similar measure that would expand the scope of the legislation to include businesses, schools and other institutions, including churches.

The measures are not legally binding.

The president’s actions also mark a shift in the direction of U.s. policy toward Israel, which is a staunch ally of the U: The White house on Monday said it was taking steps to increase security cooperation with Israel.

The Trump administration has also called on Israel to end its support for Palestinian militants who have killed hundreds of Israelis and settlers.

The administration has said it will increase sanctions against Hamas, which the U., Israel and the Palestinian Authority accuse of being a terrorist group.

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