Python 3 is now available in a new version of its editor


Python 3 now has a new editor, a new package manager and a new website, the company announced on Wednesday.

The software, now available as an add-on to the Python 3 release, was developed by the company behind the popular web browser, which is known for its open-source design.

It was the latest addition to the language, and the first to ship with the new Python 3 runtime, which includes new features such as object-oriented and functional programming.

“It’s an enormous step forward in terms of how Python is being used,” the company said in a blog post.

“The new editor allows you to make edits on objects and files, and now you can also make new objects or files and run tests on them.

There’s also support for building libraries.”

Python 3 is Python 3.5 with some of the latest features, including support for object-orientated programming.

This means the engine is able to handle objects and methods that can be manipulated in the context of a class or object.

For example, the new editor has support for objects, variables and strings, and it’s capable of generating XML documents.

The new Python interpreter is the third Python release in a row to have been released with the latest version of the Python standard, the C++11 standard.

The Python 3 language has grown in popularity with developers in the past year as more Python code was written in the language.

Python has seen a huge growth in the number of languages and frameworks built on top of it, including the new JavaScript runtime, Microsoft’s Visual Basic, Facebook’s Xcode, and Google’s Android and iOS development platforms.

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