The Latest on Trump’s Muslim ban

A new law passed by Congress this week will prohibit refugees and people from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.A.Under the new legislation, any refugee who arrives in the U, even temporarily, will face the possibility of deportation.The executive order signed Friday bars entry to anyone who has a credible fear of persecution


How to watch a video on twitch?

How to Watch a Video on Twitch.tv: 1.Open your browser and follow the instructions.2.Click the play button on your Twitch.TV account.3.Enter the channel name and password.4.Follow the on-screen instructions to watch the video.5.If the stream is not playing or you have problems, try restarting your browser.6.Repeat the process to watch another video. 7.Watch any video on


Which encoding is the most accurate?

It’s important to understand how encoding works, especially if you want to encode text or videos in other applications.That’s because encoding is key to what the encoder does to deliver a signal to the device, and to ensure the integrity of your audio or video.In a nutshell, if you use one encoding, then you have