How to add HD subtitles in your app

An app can use an HD subtitle encoder to encode a single sentence in HD video.But the process is complicated and requires a lot of code, which can slow down your app’s performance.Read more about encoding and decoding HD videos here.Read moreThe encoder uses an algorithm called HDCP, which requires software to decode audio from


Why are we still watching Netflix?

Streaming encoders are the most popular encoder for video streaming on a wide range of platforms, from PCs to consoles to smartphones.They’ve become so popular because they offer a more straightforward way of doing what streaming video does, which is to load an encoded stream of video onto a monitor or TV.These devices are the


Video games and the future of video games

By Chris Kohler/Digital Trends Editor October 25, 2019 09:05:07With more than 50 million active users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, video game development is a huge part of what keeps us all playing games.This year marks the release of the first major update to the popular online game Rocket League, and the industry has