How To Encrypt Your Data Online

Bypass encryption on the Internet is a growing threat, and many companies are now developing their own ways to protect customers from online intrusions.But what if your encryption isn’t working?You can still protect yourself from online threats with a couple of basic steps: Use a VPN, install a security program, and set up a passcode.The

String escape

What are the benefits of incremental encoding?

If you’ve ever wanted to understand why incremental encoding is important, the following article should help.In incremental encoding, a byte stream is encoded as an octet, and the encoder reads the octet from the source byte stream and then applies a decoder to the source bytes.For example, if you’re streaming a video, you might want


How to use HDMI encoder on a Roku 4

Roku 4 owners can stream their favorite TV shows and movies on the TV with HDMI output.However, the HDMI output from the Roku 4 is not HDMI compatible, so you will need to buy an HDMI-compatible set. I tested this with my Roku 4 and it worked.It has a HDMI port, and it outputs HDMI-DVI video.The