The best of NFL Week 3: Who will make the playoffs?


The NFL’s schedule is a lot like the NCAA basketball tournament.

The league plays four of its remaining six regular-season games against the same eight teams and then plays another four games against two of those eight teams in the postseason.

It also plays three more games against teams from the Big 12, which is set to announce its champion in September.

So, in terms of the regular season, the best-of-seven playoff is actually a lot easier than it looks.

The four remaining games are set for October 4 against No. 1 seed Oklahoma and November 2 against No.

“We’re in a very tough spot,” Oklahoma coach Lon Kruger told reporters in August.

“The best way to win it is to beat Oklahoma and we know they have a really good team, so we’re trying to go out and beat them and make sure that they’re in the playoffs.”

There is no other conference in the country with a higher chance of making the playoffs than the Big Ten.

Nebraska, with a No. 5 seed, will play Wisconsin in the Big Dance.

That game could be a deciding factor for the No. 2 seed, and the No, 3 and 4 seeds will meet at Wisconsin.

The No. 3 seed will play No. 8 seed Iowa.

The Nos.

4 and 5 seeds will face No. 6 seed Nebraska.

The fourth seed will face Wisconsin, which could have the No., 5 and 6 seeds at home.

The Big Ten also has three of the top four teams in each conference (Indiana, Ohio State and Michigan), and Wisconsin is a No, 1 seed.

The Big Ten title game will be played at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 6.

The SEC has four of the 10 best teams in its conference (Alabama, LSU, Florida, Tennessee and Texas A&M), but it’s a no-show for Wisconsin.

Alabama is no. 2 in the SEC standings and the Tigers will play at Texas A & M. LSU is a no. 5 and Florida a no, 6 and 8.

The Gators will play South Carolina on Oct

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