The first step for making your own synonyms


By Steve Huffman / June 29, 2017 11:28:07 / The Associated PressLame, obsolete, outdated, and even a bit odd: These are some of the most common synonyms of a phrase in modern English.

In a language that’s almost a million years old, they’re the ones that have stuck.

It’s a common thing to say in a conversation or even in a sentence that a phrase has two or more meanings.

But that doesn’t mean these words aren’t sometimes useful.

Sometimes they’re just a bit awkward or strange.

And when they’re not, we don’t want to use them.

We know that English is one of the world’s most complex languages.

But how do we keep it up?

It turns out we can.

Here are just a few examples of synonyms, which are often used to indicate different aspects of the same word:I know this is a bit unusual, but we could do with a few more of these.

Here’s a list of synonym definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary, which you can download from or look up at your favorite dictionary.

These are a good starting point for the types of synnumbers that you’ll encounter in everyday conversation.

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