UK launches UK ‘Netflix for your phone’ in 2019


UK Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a national plan to help businesses and households make more money online and said the government is targeting the “big four” players in the digital space.

In an online video, May announced that UK businesses would be able to get free access to the country’s online Netflix library, which currently has around 250 titles available to UK customers, as part of a wider package of measures to boost UK GDP.

“It’s a big win for consumers, businesses and the wider economy,” said May, who added that Netflix was already “the UK’s most-visited and most-recommended TV and movie service.”

“It will deliver more than £6 billion of economic growth, and bring tens of thousands of new jobs.”

The plan also includes a $1 billion fund to help the UK government “deliver the most cost-effective broadband and internet services for our citizens and businesses,” as well as providing a “Netflix for everyone” package that will include broadband, video streaming, and the ability to access Netflix through smartphones.

May said the plan was part of her “Netflix to everyones” strategy to make the UK the “Netflix of the world.”

“This is a significant and unprecedented move for a British government to seek out the most innovative businesses and people to launch and invest in a national internet service,” said a statement from May’s office.

“This is our national plan, and will provide billions of pounds of economic boost for the UK over the next 10 years.”

The UK’s government is currently in the process of rolling out a series of government policies aimed at boosting its economy, including its “internet economy” and its “digital revolution.”

The government has already announced plans to launch a new national broadband network that would give free access “to nearly 50 million homes and businesses by 2021,” as part, in part, of a government-backed plan to boost the economy.

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