What to expect from Microsoft’s next generation Xbox One console, codenamed Project Scorpio?


TechRadars article The Xbox One is one of the most anticipated products in this year’s gaming market, with more than $1bn of demand for the new console.

The console has been a hit in the UK and Australia, and Microsoft is keen to build on the momentum of the console’s launch by announcing more console versions in the future.

But with Xbox One, the company is also going to be making a big change in terms of hardware design.

That’s right, Xbox One will be the first console to feature a new form factor and new controllers.

The new Xbox One’s controller, which will be called the “XBox One Controller” and will be available in March 2018, is the first Xbox controller to feature an optical sensor.

The sensor will allow Xbox One owners to use the system with a controller with a “new kind of gaming experience”, as it will be able to detect the position of the controller in the room in front of the user.

“The Xbox One controller is designed with a more immersive and comfortable feel, but also with a powerful new sensor to provide a truly immersive experience.

This means we can better tailor the controller to your unique style, and give you the ultimate control,” a Microsoft spokesperson told TechRadarmedia.

This new sensor will also allow Xbox Ones controller to “read” a user’s gestures and actions, allowing Xbox One users to “switch up the play and get to work”.

In terms of gaming, the Xbox One “Xbox One Controller is designed to play the best games and provide the most realistic gaming experience possible.

Xbox One gaming is the perfect place for everyone, with hundreds of titles available to play across multiple platforms,” Microsoft said.

The controller will also be available with a USB 3.0 port, allowing users to use it to charge a laptop or other device.

Xbox one users can also expect to see new accessories, including a pair of wireless controllers for the system’s controller.

Xbox One will also feature a second generation “Ultra” port for more USB ports.

This port, which was first revealed back in November 2017, will allow players to connect peripherals that are not included in the Xbox Live wireless standard.

This is another step in the direction Microsoft has taken to make sure Xbox One has the best wireless experience possible, as it is designed “to take full advantage of the new wireless technologies,” Microsoft explained.

It also announced that the Xbox Controller will be compatible with the “Xbox One SmartGlass”, which will allow users to see the Xbox’s game progress on the TV in the background.

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