Which version of the new iOS 9.3 beta will I get?


Hacker News users voted on which version of iOS 9 to get for the first time, with 4K encoding set to be available on both iOS 9 and 10.

The iOS 9 beta also comes with a lot of new features, including a new “Show All” toggle that allows you to see all of your apps on the home screen.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new features in iOS 9, you can read more about them here.

4K support is also included in the iOS 9 release, and the latest beta brings support for 4K content as well.

The release also adds support for a new version of Apple’s video-calling app called Apple Video, and a new app called Siri Voice.

Apple has also introduced a new set of apps to the app store, including the Siri App, Siri Pro, and Siri Keyboard, and they’ll be available in all iOS 9 versions starting today.

4k encoder

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