Why Apple’s lossless podcasting technology is getting people talking about it


Apple has been working on an audio compression technology that is being dubbed the “hevc encoding” for years.

But now it has officially unveiled the technology and it’s actually good news for the audio industry. 

The company has unveiled an encoder called HEVC Encoder, which is essentially a way to encode a high-resolution audio file in a low-level encoding format called HEVAC. 

Hevc is an encoding standard for video and audio that was originally developed for encoding audio streams on DVD. 

HEVC Encoding is essentially an encoding algorithm that uses a special algorithm to encode audio.

The HEVC encoder uses a different algorithm than the one used in DVD video.

It has different algorithms that are called HEVS, or High Efficiency Video Systems.

HEVS encoding has been used by Netflix, Google, and Apple for years to provide a high resolution video stream.

The encoding is actually a pretty straightforward process that you could do on any audio or video source.

It involves the use of a specialized hardware device called a video decoder.

The hardware device converts the video stream into a compressed format called H.264.

The H.265 encoding algorithm is then used to compress the video into a lossless format called MPEG-4. 

This means that the audio will still be very high quality. 

However, HEVC encoding is not only good for audio, but it can also be used to encode other types of video like videos, photos, and more.

The encoder itself is not quite ready for primetime.

But the company has a plan for it in the future.

It will be available for Apple’s next major release of macOS Sierra. 

I’ve seen the HEVC encoded video in action and the quality is definitely there.

The video quality was just as good as that of the video on the Apple TV in the Apple Store.

I have to admit, I’m impressed by Apple’s new HEVC-encoding technology. 

Read more about HEVC.

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