Why we’re all in this mess


The Jerusalem post reports that “a number of Israeli politicians have come to realize the damage done to the country and its people by the current wave of unrest”.

The article states that many Israelis “have also started to realize that the country is in trouble and that they need to act to avoid a more violent, and worse, consequence”.

It adds that the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is “well aware of the damage that is being done to Israel by the unrest”.

The article notes that the current crisis began “a few weeks ago, with a protest march on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount by hundreds of thousands of Israelis, and was largely ignored by Israeli leaders.

In recent days, it has been escalating rapidly and becoming an international incident”.

According to the article, the government’s response to the protests has been “a mix of blaming the demonstrators and blaming the protesters themselves, and that is exactly what they are doing now.”

As a result, the Israeli army has used tanks and other weapons against demonstrators, as well as using tear gas to disperse crowds.

The article adds that “Israelis have become increasingly worried that they are becoming the victims of their own behavior, and they are starting to realize what the damage is to the entire country.”

According a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 55 percent of Israelis think that the protests are a “serious threat” to Israel.

The report concludes: “Israel needs to take immediate steps to ensure that the protesters are not the ones doing the damage, and the government needs to act quickly to make sure the unrest doesn’t escalate.”

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz adds that a number of Israelis are also beginning to realize “that their government is not capable of handling the crisis.”

Polls conducted by YouGov and Tel Aviv University in June showed that “support for the prime minister’s government among Israelis had fallen by over 30 percent in the last week, from 52 percent to 41 percent”.

At the time of writing, the poll found that 47 percent of respondents in the Israeli parliament support the prime minster’s “response to the current unrest”.

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