You’ve probably seen the trailer for Universal’s newest film, “Zootopia.” But what does it mean for your life?


It is a tale of a boy and his dog, both of them being the only humans in the world who are part fox, part rabbit.

Both are destined to become one.

But one of them will die before the other, leaving only the fox in the zoo to keep the other alive.

The other, however, will live and the movie will continue.

So will Zootopia.

Universal has put together a new trailer for the movie and it is worth watching.

Here’s what you need to know.


The Story So Far It will tell the story of Nick Wilde, a fox who’s adopted by a cute, but clueless, rabbit, and ends up getting in over his head with a little rabbit named Judy Hopps.

He has to work with her to find her lost rabbit, Nick’s new toy bunny.

And he also has to keep his own little foxy identity secret from her.


The Movie The movie is set to open on October 3, 2018.

It will be directed by Adam Hunt.


What You Need to Know about Zootropics Movie-goers can expect to see a lot of characters in the movie, like Judy, and many of the same actors as the animated version.

The movie’s main star is also playing a bunny.

(The rabbit, as it turns out, is a fox.)

And the cast includes: Judy Hopp, Michael Keaton, Olivia Wilde, Mandy Moore, Jason Bateman, and Ben Mendelsohn.


The Sequel and What You Should Know The sequel will be titled “Zoo Tycoon,” and it will follow the story from the beginning of the original.

But it’s still unclear if this will be a direct sequel to the first film, or whether it will be another film in the franchise.

It’s possible the movie could follow the events of the first movie, or it could be set in a different time and place.

The trailer has the first two films together, but the trailer does not have the third film’s story.


What to Watch for In the trailer, we get a glimpse of a large, red fox, called Zootopias “Polar Bear.”

The trailer also includes a fox bunny with a big smile on her face.

This is Zootopian Judy Hoppy, and this is the movie’s bunny.

The red fox and the bunny in the trailer are both in the film, but not in the final cut.

This would explain why they are the only ones who know Nick’s name.


What Fans Need to Expect Before the movie opens on Oct. 3, Universal is releasing two new trailers: one with a trailer for Zootropolis, the second with the first trailer.

There are a few things to watch for in each of these new trailers, though.

Here are the things that fans should keep in mind when watching the trailers: 1.

“Zoomopia” Trailer: The first trailer includes a short, yet very cute clip showing Nick Wilde and Judy Hoppe, both foxes, trying to convince the polar bear to stay in their zoo.

The fox bunny says “This is a rabbit, so you can’t go anywhere, but I want you to keep an eye out for my polar bear.”

So that’s what the trailer says.

The second trailer, which will air on Monday, October 12, has Nick Wilde’s polar bear being shown a camera.

The bunny says, “You’re not going to make the polar Bear a part of your zoo.

I’ll make it a part for you.

That’s how I want it.”

This is the same bunny who was in the first video, but now she’s also a part-bunny.

So the fox bunny is trying to be a little less annoying, which is understandable given how much Nick is trying.

2, “Prales” Trailer, also on Monday: We get a little bit of the story about how Nick Wilde met Judy Hoppa, but we don’t see Judy much.

She’s just in the background.

This trailer also features the fox bunnies trying to help Judy get a bunny that will work in their habitat.

The clip also features a bunny who is also a fox, but she’s a little different from the fox.

This bunny has a red nose, but there is also this bunny who has a foxy nose, and who looks very much like Nick Wilde.

This looks like the bunny from the trailer from the second trailer.

It could be another bunny who will also have foxy noses, but it’s not clear yet.

It would make sense that this would be another fox in a bunny suit, and that it would be the first bunny to have a fox nose.

3: “Zookeeper” Trailer.

This will be released on Monday October 18.

It includes a video

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